Unlocking self and custom build plots across the South East and South West.

The revolution begins with you.

With the government putting more and more pressure on local authorities to provide self and custom build housing it is clearly evident that still not enough is being done and the prospect of finding a plot is somewhat elitist. We at Silver Key Developments see that everyone should have the opportunity of designing and building their own home and finding a plot should be accessible to anyone.

Silver Key Developments Ltd are one of the only development companies in the UK who are set up to specifically provide self and custom build plots. In the main most of the plots will be of a custom build nature (see summary self or custom build) and will be available to anyone who wishes to build their own home, this we will endeavour to make as easy as it can be.

All of our plots are set within superb sites specifically suited to self and custom build housing and SKD Ltd and its affiliates will help you through the process of designing and building your own home.

This unique opportunity for the aspiring self and custom builder will inevitably create an environment in a gated community for like minded people who have been on the same journey building their own home.

The Silver Key Way

All of our plots will be fully serviced up to their boundary and will come with an outline or detailed planning consent and a design code. We will also assign to each custom build site a contractor and an architect who will assist you through the whole process of designing and building your home. This takes away the challenges of finding the right team so you can concentrate on creating a beautiful home that meets the needs of your family.

Each contractor and architect will be experienced in delivering high quality self and custom build housing and will have had years of experience doing so. At Silver Key Developments we feel that a single contractor and architect per site reduces on site problems and makes for a cohesive build environment. Our aim is to make building your own home as enjoyable and stress free as it can be along with being on budget and on time.

SKD Ltd will have opportunities for self build plots for those of you looking to get stuck in the deep end and manage your own project and we can offer recommendations for contractors and architects if need be. However, these plots will not be part of the custom build sites or if so will be separated and would be sold in different manner to the custom build plots.

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